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As we know it today, Phishing is one of the oldest forms of a threat vector.  It had its first originations back in the early 90’s, but did not make its first impact until closer to the end of the decade, right at the height of the Internet Bubble.  In this instance, AOL became the first true victim of a Phishing Attack.

Ever since then, millions upon millions of individuals have become victims and thousands of businesses as well.  Phishing first started by luring in victims through illegitimate but convincing looking Emails with either had a malicious link to it or an attachment to it (such as a .DOC or .XLS file).

But these days, much more covert and stealthier variants have come out, which include Business Email Compromise (BEC), Ransomware, and even spoofed up websites that look so authentic that it can even fooled the most experienced eye.  Thus, as a business owner, it is vital that your employees know what a Phishing threat vector looks like, and how to mitigate it before it brings your business down.

Simply training your employees is not enough, they have to be exposed to the real thing.  How can this be done?

We offer a free package in which we can launch simulated Phishing attacks, and see how many employees fall prey to it.  Are you interested in this? 

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